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Canada and the Yukon invest in more reliable and efficient energy generation in Dawson City

It’s official! KDO is proud and delighted to announce that as a result of the combined efforts of our organization, the City of Dawson, and the Governments of Yukon and Canada…. we will be building a 199 kW AC solar power farm on the former municipal dump site along Dome Road. We are working with Yukon Energy Corporation to provide power directly to the Yukon electrical grid. Yukon- based Solvest has been awarded the construction contract.

News release

Dawson City, August 12, 2021—Across the country, Canadians are feeling the impacts of COVID-19 on their families, livelihoods, and their way of life. Together, the governments of Canada and Yukon are working to ensure community infrastructure is safe and reliable for  families, businesses and communities, while looking ahead to see what more can be done in these unprecedented times.

Today, the Honourable Larry Bagnell, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages (Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency) and Member of Parliament for the Yukon; the Honourable Daniel Vandal, Federal Minister of Northern Affairs; the Honourable Richard Mostyn, Yukon Minister for Community Services; Jackie Olson, President of the Klondike Development Organization (KDO); and His Worship Wayne Potoroka, Mayor of Dawson City, announced joint funding for the construction of a solar power project in Dawson City.

The Government of Canada is investing $486,000 in this project through the Arctic Energy Fund, and $105,000 through the Northern REACHE Program, while the Government of Yukon is investing $71,500. The Klondike Development Organization is contributing $101,949 to this project and the City of Dawson $11,500.  

Through this project, the Klondike Development Organization will construct a solar power project on the City’s former landfill. The project aims to offset the community’s carbon footprint through the production of renewable energy.

Once completed, this project is expected to generate 280MWh of energy each year in Dawson City and 91.6 tonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions offsets, thereby reducing dependency on Dawson City’s back-up diesel generation plant.


“Access to reliable sources of energy is essential for northern communities to thrive. This new solar power project will provide a reliable and efficient source of energy for Dawson City and help tackle climate change. Canada’s Infrastructure plan invests in thousands of projects, creates good jobs across Canada, and builds cleaner, more inclusive communities.”

The Honourable Larry Bagnell, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages (Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency) and Member of Parliament for the Yukon

“The Government of Canada is proud to have supported the Klondike Development Organization in the planning phase of the Dome Road Solar Plant. The project will bring environmental, social and economic benefits to the people of Dawson City. Our shared goal is to have healthier, more sustainable and resilient communities in the North. This type of support empowers communities and their vision for a green future.”

The Honourable Daniel Vandal, P.C., M.P., Federal Minister of Northern Affairs

“It’s great to see renewable energy projects in all of our communities. These projects help the Yukon meet the goals set out in Our Clean Future while reducing the local reliance on fossil fuels, in turn making Dawson City more self-sufficient. I want to thank the Government of Canada, the Klondike Development Organization and the City of Dawson for making this project possible.”

The Honourable John Streicker, Yukon Minister responsible for the Yukon Development Corporation

“I am pleased that the City of Dawson and the Klondike Development Corporation are joining forces with this forward-looking project that will help reduce the use of fossil-fuel energy and create a greener community. The Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan is helping First Nations governments, municipalities and communities address long-term infrastructure needs and the Government of Yukon is pleased to work in partnership with them to help improve the quality of life for Yukoners.” 

The Honourable Richard Mostyn, Yukon Minister for Community Services

“The opportunity to take an otherwise unusable brownfield site and generate renewable electricity from our famous ‘midnight sun’ was irresistible. KDO is excited to be building this solar power project to support Dawson’s sustainability.”

Jackie Olson, President of the Klondike Development Organization

“The Klondike Development Organization, of which the town is a charter member, has steadily improved the lives of Klondikers and sought new, innovative ways to transform our community. This latest project is a significant step forward for our town as it increases local capacity for electrical-power supply and lessens our community’s carbon footprint. The City of Dawson is pleased to support this project with an economical municipal land lease and eager to see what opportunities arise from this development.”

His Worship Wayne Potoroka, Mayor of Dawson City

For more information, please see the the full press release from Infrastructure Canada

KDO has posted a Request for Quotations for the site preparation contract which closes August 17.

For more information, watch our website, or Facebook page or contact the office at 867-993-4431.

OUR SINCERE THANKS to the GOVERNMENTS OF CANADA, YUKON and the CITY OF DAWSON for their financial contributions, and SPECIAL THANKS to the TR’ONDëK HWëCH’IN Government for their support of this initiative. We respect and value your stewardship of the land, and we strive to contribute in positive ways within your Traditional Territory.

Dome Enhancement Project

With financial assistance from Yukon’s Community Development Fund, the City of Dawson and Klondike Visitors Association, KDO implemented a modest landscaping project this summer, aimed at increasing safety, accessibility and aesthetics of the Midnight Dome. The Dome’s stunning views encompassing the historic townsite and Tr’ochëk, the entrance to the Goldfields, two river valleys and Ogilvie mountains make this one of Dawson’s biggest visitor attractions year-round, but the site itself needed a bit of care. KDO undertakes focused projects that foster sustainable local economies and community by building on our existing strengths and assets.

Without changing the overall rugged nature of the site or interfering with existing site uses (such as paragliding and biking), the plan devised by local contractor CnD Landscapes involved low profile, sustainable upgrades to create focal points, encourage natural flora re-growth and reduce erosion while increasing pedestrian accessibility.  Features include:
– A stone circle set into the ground at the top of the dome
– A new viewing platform at the west face, with upgraded trail and steps to access it
– Widened parking area
– A retaining wall along parking area with entry points to trails leading to top of dome

Traffic signs will be added next summer to encourage more organized use of the parking area, and we hope to work further on the trails above the parking area. KDO will monitor the site for damage and repairs needed over time, and seek to work with community partners to maintain this wonderful site in a way that welcomes locals and visitors alike. We anticipate benefits to tourism, to recreation and to environmental sustainability with these activities.