From 2011 to 2015, we delivered a systematic multi-stakeholder economic development function in the Klondike region. The strategies below were elaborated in our full 2011-15 strategic plan:

1) Enterprise Retention and Development
2) Research
3) Key Sector Development
4) Investment Capital
5) Partnership Development
6) Community Marketing
7) Social Enterprise

KDO continues to take a proactive approach to community revitalization and renewal.  In 2016 KDO prioritized addressing a key barrier to our community’s well-being and development: the shortage of rental housing.  Our community-based solution was the construction of a not-for-profit housing project. Through partnerships with the City of Dawson, funding via Yukon Housing Corp. and CMHC and financing through commercial mortgages, we have now built 16 rental apartments at two locations.

Our strategies and work plans are constantly evolving to reflect our community’s needs, achievements, and learning and are responsive to local and regional events and changes.