Community Based Housing Project Inches Forward

There is a significant shortage of rental housing in Dawson City, and yet all studies have shown that construction costs prohibit the development of a new for-profit rental development.

KDO is moving forward with final testing of a not-for-profit model that would utilize existing programs through Yukon Housing Corporation, tax incentives offered by the City of Dawson, and a commercial mortgage to make the project work.

Based on our 2014 feasibility study, our concept for a Dawson City housing solution is an apartment complex of 8 compact, energy efficient homes that would be suitable for single individuals, couples, or small families. Thanks to a CMHC project development loan, KDO is progressing with pre-construction work, and will be issuing RFPs for a design-build partner to complete final design and construction costing, geotechnical site assessments, and other activities over the course of the next few months. The project will only go ahead if final project cost estimates & other details satisfy both the KDO and our proposed financial partners that the project is solid and can be built within the allocated budget.

Our complete, updated project business plan can be viewed at: