Thank you to our funders!

Things are really bustling over at the construction site. Now that the Yukon territorial election is over and done, Klondike Development Organization can (and certainly wishes to) gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the partners who have made this project possible. Thank you for recognizing the need for rental housing in our community, for sharing in our vision, and for saying ‘yes’!
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We would also like to thank Brad Whitelaw of the Triple J Hotel for his flexibility, and community-minded approach to working with us to purchase the land from him.  Without a place to build, construction could not have begun.

Work is going really well. The electricians are nearly done, plumbing is underway and well… here is a sneak peek at the interior. Oro Enterprise’s design offers comfy, compact spaces with ample windows to provide light and views. We’ll post more photos as things evolve.

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The digging (and eventual building) begins!


It’s happening! Ground has been broken at King & 6th and visions of apartments dance in our heads! KDO’s goal of building rental housing in Dawson is about to be realized. KDO and our partners, the City of Dawson and Yukon Housing have entered into agreements that will result in 8 apartments being constructed this winter.

KDO’s mission includes strengthening critical economic and social sectors. We have continually found that Dawson City’s housing shortage acts as a barrier to its growth and development and that is why the Board of Directors has prioritized this sector.

Despite the shortage of rental housing in Dawson City (particularly in one bedroom stock), all studies have shown that construction costs prohibit the development of a new for-profit rental development at market affordable rents. A community-owned rental housing project operated on a not-for-profit basis and supported by a Yukon Housing Corporation capital grant posed our best chance of adding a significant amount of new housing stock to the market.

Based on our 2014 feasibility study supported by the CMHC Seed Funding program, our concept for a Dawson City housing solution is the development of an apartment complex of compact, energy-efficient units that would be suitable for single individuals, couples, or small families.

For further information, read the CMHC/Yukon Housing joint press release: PR

Some KDO board members gather with Dawson City’s Mayor and a few Council members for ground-breaking celebration

Makerspace in Dawson?

We have partnered with KIAC to bring Logan Shrek and Andrew Kalek from YuKonstruct up from Whitehorse to help us explore the idea of a Makerspace in Dawson. Makerspaces are DIY spaces where people share equipment and tools to invent, create and learn.

Join us at the Downtown Hotel on Wednesday April 27 at 7.00 pm for an evening of big ideas and thinking.

Please see share our poster.

8-unit Apartment Complex in Design & Costing Phase

KDO’s request for proposals for final design and costing of an 8-unit apartment complex for downtown Dawson City garnered several competitive proposals. The highest scoring proponent was Oro Enterprises of Dawson City, who were awarded the contract.

Oro has already met with the KDO board to discuss concepts and floor plans, and is working on a draft design that is oriented to our lean budget and will complement the heritage nature of the town’s core.

We look forward to sharing the design once completed!

KDO Seeks Development Partner for Community Housing Project

Klondike Development Organization has issued a request for proposals for Phase 1 (the Design & Costing) of a Design Build process for an 8-unit Community Based Housing Project.
KDO RFP Notice- Design & Costing
The project is to be funded in part through Yukon Housing’s Municipal Matching Program, with the remainder of financing achieved with a commercial mortgage. If all goes well, construction of a compact 2-storey apartment complex in the downtown core could commence as early as the summer of 2016.

Community Based Housing Project Inches Forward

There is a significant shortage of rental housing in Dawson City, and yet all studies have shown that construction costs prohibit the development of a new for-profit rental development.

KDO is moving forward with final testing of a not-for-profit model that would utilize existing programs through Yukon Housing Corporation, tax incentives offered by the City of Dawson, and a commercial mortgage to make the project work.

Based on our 2014 feasibility study, our concept for a Dawson City housing solution is an apartment complex of 8 compact, energy efficient homes that would be suitable for single individuals, couples, or small families. Thanks to a CMHC project development loan, KDO is progressing with pre-construction work, and will be issuing RFPs for a design-build partner to complete final design and construction costing, geotechnical site assessments, and other activities over the course of the next few months. The project will only go ahead if final project cost estimates & other details satisfy both the KDO and our proposed financial partners that the project is solid and can be built within the allocated budget.

Our complete, updated project business plan can be viewed at: