KDO Apartments

The KDO Apartments opened for tenancy on June 1, 2017!

Our 8-unit apartment complex located at the corner of King and 6th is now complete, and fully occupied. We are proud of this achievement, and see it as a first step: we hope to continue developing  further needed rental housing for the community.

Rent Rates:

Ground Floor
Unit 1 – $950                        1-bedroom, 466 s.f.
Unit 2 – $1,260                    2-bedroom, 588 s.f.
Unit 3 – $900                        1-bedroom, 445 s.f.
Unit 4 – $900                        1-bedroom, 445 s.f.

Second Floor
Unit 5 – $950                        1-bedroom, 466 s.f.
Unit 6 – $1,260                    2-bedroom, 588 s.f.
Unit 7 – $1000                       1-bedroom, 495 s.f.
Unit 8 – $1000                        1-bedroom, 495 s.f.

Building Layout


The entire building is energy efficient, and super-insulated. All units have:

  • independent entrances from outdoors
  • 4 appliances: fridge, stove and in-suite clothes washer & dryer
  • built-in closets
  • connections for installing telephone, internet, and cable
  • electric heat
  • hot water included in rent

Rental Policy Notes:

  • All of the apartments are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted outside on the property
  • No pets
  • Maximum household income: $78,800/year (includes all earners in the household). Tenants must provide a notarized statutory declaration that they earn under the threshold amount
  • 1-year lease required
  • Tenants are required to obtain tenants insurance

Rental Application and Assigning of Units

Since there was more demand than available units, the process for determining initial occupancy of the apartments was an application process, followed by a random draw from eligible applicants.

KDO currently has a wait list for apartments:  If you would like to apply for an apartment, please complete this fillable form: http://www.klondikedevelopment.com/kdo-apartments/apartments-application-for-tenancy/
If you are not able to use the fillable form, please contact the KDO office at 993-4431.


  • Gross annual income of all persons living in the apartment must be under $78,800
  • Applicant has indicated they can afford the rent and is willing to abide by the rental policies of the apartment complex
  • Applicant has acceptable references

The following are the agreements that tenants will sign, FYI:

Addendum to Tenancy Agreement
Yukon-KDO Tenancy Agreement

Still have questions? Email klondikedevelopment@gmail.com or call 993-4431

KDO would like to gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the following:

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